Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sexy girl and Star Wars doodles!!!by:Alexei Martins!!!

I've been in a "little" vacation time, but now, here I am!!!Hahahaha!!!
Inspired by playboy magazine, I made this sexy woman...Lol...hehehe

And here, some Star Wars doodles, made yesterday when I watching a special tv show about "Star Wars animals", on Animal Planet channel... And here Boba Fett and....I don't know the name of this character, but his cool!!!!



Alina Chau said...

HA! HA !! THese characters rock, love the funny rabbit!!

Alikins said...

i agree with alina, these ROCK! sexy chick & awesome star wars characters! SUPER cool!! :*)

Herny said...

I wanna put that sexy woman in my bedroom

see u !

Cåttberry said...

woooow!! I really like theseeee!!! hehe the woman is really sexy, but I prefere the star wars character! really nice! your works are as always so cute!

Mauricio said...

Muito, muito bom!!!!!


Roland Mechael said...

awesome bobba fett dude!

Anonymous said...

Adoro os teus trabalhos! Sao tao expressivos, sao excelentes! beijoO

Alexei Martins said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words.

Alina:My first idea was to draw the playboy logo, but I decided to draw a cute rabbit...Hehehe.

Ali:Thank you my beauty Ali!!!I love your cute comments on my blog!!!Star Wars characters RULES!!!!:*)

Henry:Hahaha!!!!Thank you dude!

Catt:Yeah, I think that girls prefer Star Wars than sexy chicks...hahaha

Mauricio:Muito muito obrigado mesmo cara!!!Vc é q está arrebentando!!!

Roland Mechael:Thank you dude!!!Bobba Fett is one of my favorite characters from Star Wars!!!

Raquel:Muito obrigado!!!!E eu adoro os teus!!!Hehe!!

Cåttberry said...

hahaha nooo it's not because of that! haha it's just because I adore the star wars one!!! hehe

afroman said...

Awesome dude!!! fantastic characters! keep up the great work.

chris chua said...

Yes! This is just too cool. You have made my day. Keep up the wonderful work.

Alexei Martins said...

Thank you everyone!!!

Cått:Hahaha!!! OK!!!!

afroman:Thank you dude!!!I will try!!

chris chua:WOWW!!!Thank you very very much dude!!!This comment made my day too.

Marcos Mateu said...

Tho cute!

Dave Pryor said...

The second character is called a bith. Nice drawings! Like your take on these.

Alexei Martins said...

Thank you everyone!

Marcos Mateu:Thank you dude!!

Dave Pryor:Woow!!Thank you for the name...I tried to search but it's really hard to find something!!Thanks again dude!!

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