Friday, April 27, 2007 Martins!!!!

I'm sick, My throat hurts!!!AAaaarrrgghh...that sucks!!!
Hey Bloggers! Finally I saw 300, and I love it!!!!!AMAZING!!! I want to do more drawings!

Have a great weekends!!

Monday, April 23, 2007 Martins!!!

Thank you very very much to everyone!!!!!I love you all!!!!!
Finally I post something new...hehehe...nothing special, just one more character...
This character is really inspiration to create him, is that female character Rei from Evangelion series...mmm...hehehe strange...but I liked.

sketches and sketches!!!!

First experience with pen...


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One year Blog!!!by:Alexei Martins!!!

OH!!!One year since I started this Blog...this is a special post for me!!!
I would like to thank all the people that visit and comment on this Blog. Thanks a lot for your support and your awesome comments.

Thanks to: "sweetness" Alikins, Miss Silje "miss you", Helô "prima linda" Cardozo, Alina Chau, Mari "Vanilla" Inukai, Cattberry, Hartini, Roland Mechel, Afroman, Paloma, JoonasJoonas, Mattias, PaulSketch, Goobeestablog, Spaceturtle, "FerdinandKreozot" Milenko, Agent Beezle, CEREAL KILLER, Jarrett, Mauricio, AstroGuaje, EDDE WAGNER, LauraBraga, Raquel S., empiezo a entender, Dee!!!(^_^), Dave Pryor, Naomiful, DliZ, Poe-Sister, Lubomir, Luis Mejía, Lostinarc, Tusen, Michelle, Jayster, Shiru, Henry, Chris Chua "the real", Marcos Mateu, Chris "Battle", GreenStamp, Pierre, Scott Wright, Çläu, Katherine S, Arvindh, Bill "Z", Lucho, Rogério, Mad Guru, Rogério, Roc, Maarit, katsta, Ken Chandler, rzdesign, NELSÖN, Muffins girl, Dave, Tallarico • Benaghi, ELiza Jãppinen, Maleficium, Andrei "my bro", Marcelo "Big" Belli Champs, Bruno Diel, Batata "Fedor"Haha, nelson santos, Mindy Lee, Young Vo, Martin Hsu, Franfou, Space Cat, Coteko, Ballyhoo, Alex Senn, "i am anonymous", Ólafur Kr. Ólafsson, Gerald, Todd Harris, Brianne "potato farm girl" , Subas, Jo Bling , Druie, Robin Hall, este é o meu corpo, ALTAMIRA, Ethe, eel bog, Claudio Cerri, Alexiev, fitoplacton, marisa, I.G., steven piscopo, Tonje, Omar "from Peru", Alex Senna, Steve Irwin "my hero", Paolat, valerie walsh "ValGalArt", justinpatrickparpan, ECardozo my "uncle", Haru, Arioch, Ooh!Japan, Fireblend, lorraine_alvarez, Nara Tomizawa, Rrramone, Shiiba, Belinha, Hitomi (^_^), Heather_Chavez, Marmax, Chickengirl, Ryan Bullard, Alexandra Boiger Illustration, VICTOR G, Cutesypoo, enzo avolio, I. N. J. Culbard, Mark McDonnell, Steve Simpson, Maple Lam, Dave Roman, Carol Roque, Erica, Joe Olson, Imagination Workshop, Jay D Smith, Angel, Paublo, merdinhas, Bajel, Felipe Gomes, Miah Alcorn, Luiza "prima linda", Buga, Marlo Meekins, Guilherme "Tomizoka", junior, Ricardo, Tintin, Matudaman, Jay Smith, scottc, drake...!!!!

I have so much to thank you for help me in my journey(^_^)!!!I love you all!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Martins!!!!

Have a Wonderful weekends

Stay tuned next week for a special "one year blog birthday"!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Bracula a cute Martins!!!

"All girls love me":He says.
His 450 years old, and have the same "young spirit"...hahahaha