Monday, March 19, 2007

Fullmetal Martins!!!!

Yeah...more of my versions...I was totally uncomfortable with my pen, so this is my last drawing with that in peace my old pen, I need to buy a new pen...hehehe
Fullmetal Alchemist:


Alikins said...

you are so darn CUTE! i am sorry about the loss of your pen, may you find another to fill in the void of your pages soon ~ one that will bring you joy and happiness in the future! ;)

LOVE this drawing by the way! the colors are AWESOME!! ;)


Did you like that serie?
he he he
I saw the whole serie but i´ve not seen the movie, cause the serie finish and then you have to see a movie that solve some issues that were not finished yet....

( =_=)/

nice illustration, by the way, mine were ballpen made, just digitally shadowed.

REGARDS my friend!!!!

Anonymous said...

great drawing.
with real ink and pencil-

I like how you handled the metal with all those blotches of blue.

Jarrett said...

Hey man. I really like your work. You have a really nice sense of design. Cya round!

Cåttberry said...

hehe as always really good work! i am sorry i couldn't comment the other drawing, as always great :)

Alexei Martins said...

Thank you very very much to everyone for your visit and AWESOME comments!!!!!!!!

Ali:Thank you my sweet Ali!!!! yeah, today I'm gonna buy one new pen!!Hahaha,I LOVE love your comments Ali!!!MmmmWAH! :*)

Cereal Killer:WOWW!!I love that serie!!!I did not see the film too!Hahaha!I made with ink pen!!!

Goobeetsablog:Thank you dude!!!!YEAH!!!Master Miyazaki used this blotches in those watercolors drawings, just one inspiration.(^_^)

Jarrett:WOWW!!!Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog!!It's a pleasure to me!

Cåttberry:Thank you!!!!No, I'm sorry...I need to visit your awesome blog!!:)

afroman said...
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afroman said...


oh poor old pen. yes, may it rest in peace. :(

I also like the way you colored the metal. very nice work as always.

love the monkey by the way!!!!! xD

Alexei Martins said...

afroman:Hey duuuude!!!Yeah...poor old pen.......(-_-) ok hehehe.
Thank you!!!And thank you for love my space monkey...his really cranky!!!Hehehe

Anonymous said...

adoro os seus trabalhos! sempre excelentes:D bigada pelos coments! beijo*

Alexei Martins said...

Raquel:Muito muito obrigado!!!Eu gosto muito de receber a sua visita e seus comentários aqui!!!!

empiezo a entender said...

Hi ! Hola desde Barcelona !