Monday, April 02, 2007

Bracula a cute Martins!!!

"All girls love me":He says.
His 450 years old, and have the same "young spirit"...hahahaha


Alikins said...

SO CUTE!!! i LOVE him! ;)

as for posting every day for me, i don't think it's going to happen in the near future ... but i'll try to post often enough!

MWAH! :*)

Alina Chau said...

He is soo cute!! Love the design!

afroman said...

hahaha love the eyes!! nice attitude!

Anonymous said...

I can't see it!
(I'm using Firefox on a PC)
please help...

Alexei Martins said...

Hey Goobeetsablog!! This is really strange!!I can't see it too!!!Hahaha!!(I'm using firefox too) I don't know dude!!!Please somebody help!!!!

Thank you everyone!!Tomorrow I will post my special thanks!!Sorry...(-_-)

Alexei Martins said...

Thank you to everyone!!!!

Ali:See? Told ya, all girls loves he...heehee!
Ok my sweetness, I believe in you!(^_^)

Alina:Thank you!!!!I love when you visit my blog!!!

Afroman:Thank you dude!!!I love red eyes, when I have some chance, I just colored then in red...hehehe

Goobeetsablog:Oh sorry...maybe you can see it now!

Spaceturtle said...

great work alexei!!! love his evil ness I like the yakuza guy toooo

Agent Beezle said...

Very creepy!


Wow....cute character dude!
Reminds me of the video-game Viewtiful Joe, the style is great
and similar to those.

Excellent jobs here always dude!!!!

( 6_6)/

Jarrett said...

Hey man! You have a great flare in your work. You're a natural designer. Keep goin'!

Anonymous said...

I see it now.
Fun! really cool character

CĂ„ttberry said...

woooah love vampires! such romantic characterss isn't it?
hehe thanks for your kind comments ^^

FerdinandKreozot said...

Shame on me for not visiting more often.
I love your work.
There is some innocent, childlike fantasy blended with a solid style here :) And even though it's derived from japanese stuff, it's your very own. Some of the best Artwork from Japan, apart from Miyazaki, Torayama and Odo is dfinately some of the nintendo concept art, unfortunately not seen publicly often enough. I do not even think there's a single art book out there containing their concept works. And they ae gorgeous!
Windwaker designs are by far more beautifull than the finished game turned out to be (even though the game looked artistically impressive with all the elements of visual design holding together beautifully). Also that new Mario soccer game concept designs contain some crazy energy within those sketchy lines.
Your work is out there with its quirk, and there's definately something special about it.

Cheers to you,


Alexei Martins said...

grazie a tutti!!!!

Spaceturtle:YO!!Thank you dude!!!Thank you for enjoyed my characters!!!

Agent Beezle:Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog!!Love your art!!Very cool!!

CEREAL KILLER:Thanks!!!(^_^)I think is because I use that same shadow technic, and the colors of the character remember Viewtiful Joe.

Jarrett:WOOWW!!!I'm a natural designer????I don't know...but Thank you so much dude!!!This comment made my day!!

Goobeetsablog:Firefox problems Hahaha!!!Thank you dude!!!

CĂ„ttberry:YEAH!!!definitely romantic characters!!!I'd love to be a vampire!!^^ Thank you my CAT!!

FerdinandKreozot:What a shame dude!!Hahaha!!Thank you very much!!
This is one of the best comments about my art:)worked very hard to create my own style!!
Torayama is definitely my best inspiration!
I love nintendo concept art, they are so creative!!
WOOWW Thank you so much dude!!!