Monday, January 14, 2008

Just, Martins!!!!

Today I'll post some robots sketches, yeah, I love robots!
I'm reading I, Robot from master Isaac Asimov...simply AWESOME!!!!
Maybe that idea can appear in my new project...
All robots already exist, the sketches were based on real robots;
First one is RI-MAN! He is a human-interactive robot!AMAZING

That on the bike, is Murata Boy! A bike-riding robot!

See ya soon!!With more robots...maybe!


Dan szilagyi said...

nice post alexei!
thanks for the comment, i'm glad to see you think so!
if you like robots, the anime Big O has some cool robots, as well as animatrix and the movie robots.


Anonymous said...

nice work

robi pena said...

Good works my friend and nice personages!! The «The Wit Virgin» is very inspiring I love it very much!! Thanks ;-) and greats!!

Alikins said...

cool robots! and all the other sketches are awesome!
sorry i haven't been here in sooooooo long, but here i am now! :) i finally finished my painting!! come see! come see! :)

Alexei Martins said...

Thank you VERY MUCH!!!!!
I'm so busy lately!!! But I'll come back soon...I hope!!!!

With love Alexei!:)

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Alexei,

thanks for the comment! i've been sick lately so i haven't scanned or drawn much work.
When i get better i'll put up new stuff.
avatar is awesome!

Maki said...

Nice Robots! So fun!
I love the idea of the robot on the bike!

Ken said...

i like the girl!

GreenStamp said...

very cool robots, i think robots are awesome. if i had to pick my most favorite robot of all time it would have to be canti from FLCL made by Gainax.

shou' said...

I really enjoy your character designs. Robots to the max!

Jay D Smith said...


ryan said...

your drawings are super cute i love that top one