Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sexy Killer! Martins!!!

Hello!!!!Thank you everyone for your care about me, I'm feeling much better now!!!
Well I made this character in front of TV, and I liked...she's elegant, sexy and dangerous at the same time...yeah!

Well, I was so drepressed these days, but now...I just want to be happy!!! YEAH!!!So fuck off, I go to have drink with my friends, and get drunk crazy today (@_@)!!Hahahaha!!! And in this weekends, I'm gonna buy a new nike shoes, some jacket because it's really cold here, and maybe got a cool haircut!!!!

Have a cool weekends everyone!


naomiful said...

nice work. :)

CĂ„ttberry said...

wow! really nice!!! I love the colors on it!

Alikins said...

cool chick! :)

and look at you! all "fuck off" and what not! YIKES! just kidding :)

thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes! you're a sweetie pie! :*)

hope you had a fantastic weekend!!

Alexei Martins said...

Naomi: OH thank you!!!!

Catt: Thank you so much!!!!! Hope you're doing well in your school works!!!heehee!!

Ali: Thank you my sweetness!! Yeah!!!heehee!!:)
You deserve much more of my simple birthday wishes!!!!

Thank you girls!!!

Bill Z said...

good stuff Alexei - have fun! By the way I added you to my blogroll

ken said...

glad your feeling better!

cool character man!

ken :D

Tom Kidd said...

Simple black and red but it works. And she's a killer you say. All the nice looking ones are.

afroman said...

extremely cool suit! nice colors dude!

Vhrsti said...

She looks good but I am already married :-)

Alexei Martins said...

Bill Z: Oh thank you man!!!!

ken: Yeah!!!I'm happy!!!:)Thank you dude!!!

Tom Kidd: Yeah, I love how they work!!Killer!!Thanks!!

afroman: Thank you dude!!!!

Vhrsti: Oh!!Nice...she's don't care...hahaha
Thank you for you visit and coment on my blog!!

PaulSketch said...

glad your better! Awesome character man!!

Mauricio said...

awesome pra caramba!!!!!!

Alexei Martins said...

Paul: Thank you dude!!!

Mauricio: Thank you very much dude!!!Hahaha, muito obrigado!!!Hehehe

Argghhh, I need to do something new!!

Anonymous said...

nice image.
she's very film noir looking

LauraBraga said...

Hi Alexei!!!
Cool drawing!!! I like the colors you did. Very hot!!!
And i'm glad you feel better!