Friday, May 18, 2007

Thinking About Martins!!!

A Radiohead song:
Been thinking about you, your records are here,
your eyes are on my wall, your teeth are over there.
But I'm still no-one, and you're now a star,
what do you care?

Been thinking about you, and there's no rest,
shit I still love you, still see you in bed.
But I'm playing with myself, and what do you care
when the other men are far, far better.

All the things you've got,
all the things you need,
who bought you cigarettes,
Who bribed the company to come and see you honey?

I've been thinking about you, so how can you sleep?
These people aren't your friends, they're paid to kiss
your feet.
They don't know what I know and why should you care
when I'm not there.

Been thinking about you, and there's no rest,
should I still love you, still see you in bed.
But I'm playing with myself, what do you care,
when I'm not there.

All the things you've got,
she'll never need,
all the things you've got.
I've bled and I bleed to please you.

Been thinking about you.

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Anonymous said...

nice image.

Anonymous said...

"A pensar em ti"! ta lindo...
bigado pelo coment... gostei mt:)
beijo gnd*

Cåttberry said...

great radiohead! I also love this band!

The Tart said...

Sweet sweet sweet!!!

The Tart
; *

Alexei Martins said...

Goobeetsablog:Oh, thank you dude!!!Haha yeah, it's really melancholy, now I'm trying to play that song, it's not so hard!

Raquel: Oi linda!!!Hahaha q isso, não é só um comentario, é oq eu realmente penso!!
Beijo gnd pra vc também!!!:*)

Alma:Yeah!!!Radiohead RULES!!!

The Tart:Oh thank you for your sweet comment, and for visit my blog!!

Oh!!Thank you everybody, and thank you all girls, for your sweet kisses!!!

Alikins said...

look at you gettin' kissed all over! :*)

love the illo! the colors are really cool, and captures the song. radiohead is awesome! me likey :)

Alexei Martins said...

Ali: Hey honey, don't be jealous!Haha just kidding:) ?
Thank you very very much!!!!Radiohead it's really AWESOME!