Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Life Meter Volume 2

YAY!!!Hello everybody!!!! Please check it out that stuff!!
My art is in there!!! You need a copy!

Debuting at the MoCCA Art Fest in NYC on June 23rd...Life Meter Volume 2
Thank you everybody! I love you all!
That amazing cover by Flight artist, Bannister.


chrishaley said...

Hey, my art is in there too!

Anonymous said...

congrats to both of you.
looks like a good one!

Spaceturtle said...

thats Wicked Alexei!!! I never played knights lol But Always wanted too

Alikins said...

wow! that's so exciting!!
congratulations!!! :)

Mauricio said...

Sempre arrebentando!!!

Alexei Martins said...

chrishaley: Woow!!That's awesome!!

Goobeetsablog: Thank you!!

Spaceturtle: Yo dude!!! YEAH!! It's a beautiful game!! Some day I'll draw that character!! Thank you so much!!

Alikins: YEAH!! It is!!Thank you very very much sweetness!! :)

Mauricio: Very obrigado rapá!! Um abraço!!