Friday, June 22, 2007

Silje bunny-ish girl!!! by:Alexei Martins!!!

Nyhao bloggers!! I drew my friend Silje from Norway! She's a great friend of mine! And she rendition me too, maybe I'll post later! :)
SO enjoy that cute thing!! Hope to you enjoy!!!
I'll be totally offline this weekend, so I decided to post some pics of my "art office"! :)

Top secret stuff:

Almost there...

Painting... :)

More stuff...


Inspiration stuff...

plus: Hey Brianne, look...your Mog it's safe here!

They're new friends!! hahaha

Thank you!!!
Have a COOL weekend everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

really cool.
enjoy your weekend!

Alina Chau said...

AWESOME!! Love her expression a lot!
Cool to see your work space !!

dintoons said...

haha, the cutie again!
and thanx for sharing a glimpse of your little creative space, it's always a joy to have a look at the work process and workspace of fellow artists! :o)


ENVY! a katamari Damacy prince! cuuuute he he he he

Alikins said...

how cUTE!

your workspace is SO much more uncluttered than mine! i usually just chalk it up as being eccentric ;)
[me, not you, heehee]

afroman said...

ah so this is were those little masterpieces are born! ;) duuude ^^

Alexei Martins said...

Goobestablog: Thank you dude!! now I'll be prepare for a new weekend!

Alina: Thank you Alina!!!

Dintoons: Hahah!!Thanks!! I love that!!

CEREAL KILLER: THANKS duuuude!!! His a cutie after all! But his mine!Hehehe :)

Alikins: Thank you honey! I think only my workspace is uncluttered!
Heehee ;)

Afrodude: YAY!! duuuuude!! :)

Thank you everyone!! I love you all!!

JoaquĆ­n Rosado Martel said...

nice design!!

you are invited to visit my blog


PaulSketch said...

its so cute!! Your Norwegian friend must be thrilled
cool art office too!

ken said...

very cute!

ken :D

Mauricio said...


Chio_Garu said...

KAWAII!!! OMG! That is so cute! and *GASP* Do you happen to be a bit of a Dragonball fan by any chance? (I noticed the Son Goku and Kuririn a.k.a. Krillin figurines ^^ Akira Toriyama is the reason I started to draw)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog...I treasure every sincere comment I get...*^^*

piero said...

nice dude

Alexei Martins said...

Thank you everybody!!!

Chio_Garu: Akira Toriyama is the reason I started to draw too! My inspiration until today and forever...I think...hehehe
Thank you honey!:)

potato farm girl said...

I am glad the moogle is with good friends and happy art. That is the perfect habitat for a moogle! I think he likes bunny girls too! Although him and the prince probably fight over them...