Monday, August 27, 2007

Castlevania Martins!!!

Here it is!
Some Castlevania sketches!

Soma Cruz, the cute hero from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow! Hahaha

More cute than Soma hah :) Mina Hakuba

Leon Belmont, the most cool character of Castlevania's of all the time! He is the protagonist of the Castlevania: Lamet of Innocence.
I've been very busy lately, so you'll see lots of sketches know! fast...speed...argh!:D


Plus: I'll do more Kinoko paintings! :D


Dee C.K. said...

These are wonderful Alexei! I love the watercolor touches. Keep it up!
Cheers to you!

viola said...

Hi! Thank you for your comment!Un saluto dall'Italia!!!

Anonymous said...

looking good!

GreenStamp said...

These are very stylized drawings.I really like the subtle use of color, very cool.

Justin Rodrigues said...

great stuff i love the splashes of color.

Cåttberry said...

hello!!! how are yooou?? hope fine!! as always, great works here!! hope you continue like this! hehe.


i love the whole castlevania saga man....
so good! i think i could even become a Beltmont!!!

( º__º)

here is a confession: i used to had (when i was a child) a tape with the game boy music from castlevania 1 and 2..... people called me weirdo....and nowadays they listen to Mendetz and bands like this that they play that same music!

Alexei Martins said...

Dee: Thank you!!:D I'll!!Haha Cheers!

Viola: Your welcome!!grazie grazie!!:D

Goobeetsablog: thank you dude!!

GreenStamp: Thanks!Yha!!!:D

Justin Rodrigues: Thanks! it's a nice effect for sketches!

Cåt:Hello!!!I'm fine, thank ya!!!hope your fine too!!:) hehehe! i'll try!kisS

Hah!! I think i could be a vampire!hehehe :} I really LOVE Castlevania saga!
Hahaha! That's funny but it's true, They don't like or call "weirdo" only because it's video game music...Oh!!! what the hell? I don't care if is video game music or not...and I love Castlevania music!!Hah! :D

Kei Phillips said...

some more lovely new work i see. great job! :D

afroman said...

great work as always alexei! I have never played castlevania though. :(

Mauricio said...

Muito bom mesmo!

abs :o)

Alexei Martins said...

Kei Phillips: Thank you! :D

afroman: Thank you dude!! Hey!Go ahead and start to play!!You'll love! :)

Mauricio: Danke!!!:D

Ken said...

love em!

Alexei Martins said...

Ken: thank you!!:)