Monday, August 20, 2007

Stuff Martins!!!

Nyhao bloggers!!!! I have more stuff here!!!!WoW!!!Nice Alexei...hehehe :D
That's a study of mounth with teeth and tounge! What a funny thing!

That character was created by master Akira Toryiama, well that's my version! I love that big black eyes! and I think that is one of the best characters that Toryiama has created.

And here...!!WOW!!You can totally see that isn't my style of art! I don't like to do that... :( to copy other artist,but, I was studying such a unique artist that I love, her name is Ayami Kojima!:) She created such a beautiful style, you can see her art in any Castlevania game! I love Castlevania and I love Kojima's art, so in a moment of totally love about that things, I drew's Juste Belmont a character from one of Castlevania's...

I didn't resist... :( But I don't like to copy someone else...I'm sorry Ayami (-_-) can I say that is a tribute to her?
Well my next post It'll be a Castlevania post, BUT I did it everything in my style of art! :) YAY!
Hope you to enjoy my stuff! :)
I have more sketches here so please Stay tuned


Kei Phillips said...

thankyou! these sketches are wonderful! :D

Anonymous said...

nice variety.
very different style.

Alina Chau said...

These sketches are so much fun!! Full of personality!

Maki said...

Cool study!
I'm familiar with art of Akira Toriyama. I grew up with them I guess:) I was reading Dragon Ball on weekly comic magazine:)

Alexei Martins said...

Kei Phillips: Thank you for your sweet commnet! :D

Goobeetsablog: Thanks! Yeah, very different

Alina Chau: Thank you very much Alina! (>_<)

Maki: Hey Maki! Thank you for your visit and comment here! You're welcome!:D
Oh, I grew up with then too!Hah :) I think that I start it to draw because of him! I was reading on that perfect edition!Very cool!

Thank you everybody!

Martin Hsu said...

haha these are hilarious man!

Alexei Martins said...

Martin Hsu: Thank you dude!! :D