Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shaun Of The Dead...by:Alexei Martins!!!

I love that rom zom com, or zombie-themed romantic comedy!
So enjoy my Shaun Of The Dead sketch

Shaun movie

Thank you all for your lovely comments!


Jeff Brame said...

OOOooooh, I am diggin' this illo. Love Shaun of the Dead

Anonymous said...

nice characters

Dan szilagyi said...

haha that is nice alexei! thanks for the comment on my blog man

all the best dude


Vhrsti said...

Love all your vibrant sketches here!

robi pena said...

:-)) Good work man!! Cheers!

PaulSketch said...

awesome spot light! Sets the mood


Ken said...

hahaha thats brilliant. Looks just like em :D

Joseph Lee said...

Funny! Love the drawing!

shou' said...

Haha cute piece :)

If you like Shaun of the Dead I would suggest watching Hot Fuzz... 'By the Power of Gray Skull!'

Maki said...

Haha! Nice! Looks just like them!
I like this movie, too:)

Alexei Martins said...

Jeff Brame: Thank you so much for your visit and comment here!i love Shaun of the Dead too!:)

Goobeetsablog: Thank you sir!!!!

Dan szilagyi: Thank you man!!!!All the best to you too!!!!It's a pleasure to me! Cheers!

Vhrsti: Thank you!WOW!

robi pena: :D Thank you man!Cheers!

PaulSketch: Thank you! it's a simple photoshop tool :)

Ken: Thanks!:D haha

Joseph Lee: thank you Joseph! and thank you for your visit here!

shou': Thank you!!!:)
Oh! yeah, I really want to watch Hot Fuzz and that Run Fat Boy Run too! Thank for the suggestion!

Maki: Hey Maki! Thank you for your lovely comment!