Friday, April 04, 2008 Martins!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!
well today I decided to post some concept art of my new project!

Hope you to enjoy! and hope i can do this project in a near future!

Oh yeah! I'm working in an architecture office here in Brazil!


Tevik Avakyan said...

Hey these are looking good! I especially like the expression on the last drawing. Its always exciting to start a new project!

Sorrentino said...

loving your drawing style! especially the shaun of the dead piece! what a movie!

Anonymous said...

looking good-
I like the zipatone effects

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Alexei

Thank you my friend! glad you like the post, i like your post here, very simple style and easy to work with i can almost say its like a "tekkonkinkreet" style in terms of simple

keep it up!

cheers amigo~

LauraBraga said...

Hi my friend!!!
What a woderful characters!!
My best compliments!!:)
I hope your project will start soon so we could see more of it!!


Ken said...

I like the girl!

Hows the job going?

Oh and what's the new project???

Katherine S said...

these are nice!! good job :)

Alexei Martins said...

Tevik Avakyan: Thank you sooo much!!!yeah! Hope I can start the project!

Sorrentino: Thank you for your visit and comment here!! OH!!I'm so proud you loved my style!
Shaun of the dead rules!!:)

goobeetsablog: thank you man!!!

Dan szilagyi: Hey Dan!! yeah! that princess is very cute!!:)
man!Thank you very much!!it's a pleasure to me!!!
simplicity is the most amazing thing, i think! i love Tekkonkinkreet!
Cheers meu amigo!!!Hah :D

LauraBraga: Hey Laura!!Thank you very much!!!!;D
Me too! I hope too!!!

Ken: Thank you!!!
Very well I think!working a lot on that architectural drawings, LOTS of fun!:) I'll post something soon!!
It's a graphic novel.

Katherine S: Thank you very much!!!

macaronni said...

These are great! A bit late on commenting, but I had to say something while I was scrolling down.

My favorite by far! :D